Our Story

Our goal, our mission and why we're trying to make a difference.

We’re taking a local approach to our fundraising efforts.

By setting up the Walker Construction Trust has meant we can make a real difference to the lives of more people, and organisations throughout the UK. The trust can connect us to smaller, locally based organisations or individuals who desperately need extra funding, equipment, assistance or general support. With 100% of donations made to good causes, all admin fees are carried by Walker Construction (UK) Ltd.

Grants are awarded monthly via our Committee and Board of Trustees, consisting of Walker Construction Employees, Directors and Partners.

We run an online application process where you can make applications at any time of the year.  Small Grants will usually receive a final decision within 6 weeks of our receipt of your application.  Major Grants will be decided by our Trustee meetings which take place quarterly.

“The decision to set up the trust was to enable us to support good causes that are close to us and our employees in our local communities. By doing this we can control the monies raised to see where and what it is actually used for, and ensure that no administration costs are taken from the monies so the full amount goes to our good causes” – Steve Walker

If you would like to make a donation to the fund, please contact admin@WCLTrust.co.uk.