The Ella Wolff Appeal

An employee of Walker Construction contacted The Walker Construction Trust to ask for help in fundraising for his sister-in-laws cancer treatment.

Ella Wolff went to a routine eye appointment two years ago because her vision was blurry and doctors found a cancerous tumour in her eye socket, the disease later spread to her liver.

The cancer had grown to 50 per cent of her liver, and she needs more urgent treatment before it spreads any more, or she may not be able to receive it. After being diagnosed with Ocular cancer, she has launched a desperate bid to raise £240,000 for a ‘last chance’ specialist treatment.

In order to get into Delcath, Ella needs to have less than 50% disease (cancer) in her liver. Ella has just been told that she has 50% already so getting the treatment now is vital. The issue is, Delcath is no longer a clinical trial and therefore is not funded by the NHS. Meaning the treatment will cost £40,000 a session and she could need up to 6 sessions if not more. 50% of people who have had this treatment have had their tumours shrink, with the other 30% having their tumours remain the same. With these sort of statistics, and at just 25 years old, there is an incredible urgency to fund this treatment. We have been told if Ella wants to go ahead with this treatment it must start on the 26th October.

We made a grant donation of £1,000 to Ella’s appeal. Support Ella’s Go Fund Me page here.