Kenward Trust

Kenward Trust is a charity in Yalding that helps those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime. Since it’s formation in 1968 the Kenward Trust has helped over 10,000 individuals transform their lives and create a new future without alcohol and substances.

Statutory funding for residential rehabilitation centres, such the Kenward Trust was cut by 16% across England in the past 4 years. Therefore, to be able to continue their life-changing services they had to look for other funding streams. One of these streams the team created is Kenward Place, a public-facing commercial business which helps to raise awareness of the Trust, whilst raising funds.

The Kenward Trust approached The Walker Construction Trust to apply for funding to purchase a12ft shed so that they could expand the charity shop. This will help the team to increase revenue.

Residents are involved with the charity shop throughout their duration in treatment. An expansion would give more opportunity for them to be involved and also give the residents more responsibility during their time at Kenward, which is something that is encouraged for their recovery.

The Walker Construction Trust donated £2,000 to fund the new venture at Kenward Place.

“Thank you for your recent donation, we are extremely grateful. Your generosity helps us to continue providing the essential treatment, therapeutic interventions and practical support to those many men and women who seek our help every year.” – Shelley Webb.

There are many voluntary opportunities that the charity offers with a diversity of activities from looking after the alpacas, goats, etc. to gardening, working in the tearoom and providing mentoring support through the Reset service.

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