Helping Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hounds trains specialist assistance dogs for Children with Type 1 Diabetes. The charity trains the family pet dog through specialist scent detection to smell when the child’s blood sugars drop or go too high. This prevents the child from collapsing, falling into a diabetic coma, or potential death.

Hypo Hounds approached The Walker Construction Trust in May 2019 looking for financial support for their totally pawsome clinic days. The monthly clinic days are for clients to go along and access the Hypo Hounds services. A monthly clinic day offers support in many forms to the children and their families. Dogs get access to a private 1-1 specialist scent detection lesson and then a private 1-1 public access session in a local town.

At these days the children and their families are able to meet other families going through what they are, seek support and friendship, get medical advice from medical professionals and also gives the dogs an opportunity for extra training.

There are now 35 children using Hypo Hounds services, and they’re growing!


“Thank you to The Walker Construction Trust or such a wonderful donation of which we will use to pay for the running of a Clinic Day.  Impacting 5 different families.  These specialist support clinics are vital to ensure that the dogs are supported in their training as well as the families and we put them on the correct path to succeeding to become a fully qualified Hypo Hound.”

Through early intervention in detecting the changes, Hypo Hounds are not only saving children’s lives on a daily basis, they are also improving their long term Diabetic care. Children are no longer at risk of renal failure, amputation or blindness later on in their lives.

Type 1 Diabetes has no cure! it is not lifestyle related and is not reversable. Hypo Hounds is a small charity formed 3 years ago and have trained 35 dogs for 35 children. Since having a dog trained not one child has had a hospital admission!

Parents are finally able to sleep at night and children are no longer excluded from activities. Hypo Hounds are literally saving lives of children one sniff at a time.