Dads Unlimited

Dads Unlimited are a mental well-being charity that supports dads through relationship breakdowns aiming to improve the lives for the children of separated parents and reduce the rate of male suicide.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and Kent in particular has a higher rate of suicide than any other county.

Dads Unlimited provide a range of support services for dads who are going through family breakdown, many of whom are emotionally/physically domestically abused, who self-harm or who feel suicidal. Dads Unlimited believe they are the only charity in the country that is highlighting and addressing the needs of dads separated from their children and that supports them through family court proceedings.

The charity recognises that single dads with co-parenting problems represent a collective with deeply hidden problems and with the work they now undertake in partnership with the Police, the NHS, CAFCASS and schools, they have come to know that this a huge problem within society that until now, hasn’t been appropriately resourced.

Within their services, they provide:
• A dedicated peer mentor with lived experience
• Weekly meetings at a confidential location or public place
• Use of our Conciliation Service ( with their former partner)
• Monthly support group meetings
• Referral to our mental health counsellor
• Co-Parenting Programme
• Regular opportunities to talk about whatever it is the beneficiary would like to know or do – e.g. new partner concerns, handover conflict or assault, and child disclosures – to reduce conflict, stress and anxiety
• A helpline peer mentor advice service that helps to de-escalate immediate problems
• Our own Family Liaison Officer to liaise between parents and primary/secondary schools
• Support with completing all official court forms/position statements and support at court
• Referral to our Barrister Representation Service, if required
• Community social activities for separated mums/dads and their children

In 2 years, Dads Unlimited have helped 561 families and prevented 91 suicides.

The Walker Construction Trust granted Dads Unlimited £1,000 to supply mental health counselling to their dads without the obstacle of going through their G.P or having to find the funds for it.