Canterbury Foodbank

Canterbury Food Bank CIO is managed by a board of Trustees who oversee a small 6 member part time staff team and over 100 volunteers. Food, which is donated in supermarkets by residents and gratefully received from businesses, is collected by volunteers and transported to the warehouse. It is sorted, stored and then packed into nutritionally balanced three-day food parcels, which can be adjusted based on the dietary needs and cooking facilities available to clients.

Ordinarily, parcels are distributed at one of four weekly cafes hosted in local halls and community centres. Those in need are given a warm reception, access to a hot drink, some food, and have contact with a staff Signposter before being given a food parcel. The Charity acts as a community gateway into long term support; taking a holistic approach to each client, considering their future needs as well as their immediate needs and encourage them to access services that can prevent them from needing help in the future. The Food Bank have close relationships with over 120 agencies and support groups, including churches, schools, and social services, in order to provide comprehensive support to the thousands of people who benefit from their services annually.

During the pandemic, the Food Bank began to offer breakfast packs to children in the local area, partnering with schools to identify children in need. The Walker Construction Trust donated a grant of £500 to help with the increased demand for breakfast packs caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.