Appeal for cancer sufferer Charlie Davey

28-year-old Charlie Davey, from Wingham, has been a melanoma warrior for 6 years now. His story starts when he was just 19 years old and an inconspicuous mole on his neck was diagnosed malignant melanoma. He had the mole removed, and continued to have regular skin checks. Roll on three years, returning from travels in Australia, he went for his dermatology appointment where it was apparent his disease had spread majorly. He had a major operation to remove the tumour from his neck and shoulder, but unfortunately it has spread to his lymph nodes. He was stage IV, and his life expectancy poor.

To quote Charlie “there was no question of planning for the future I had to tear myself away from hope”. After further surgery to remove additional tumours, it became apparent that this was no longer an option. The introduction of immunotherapy treatment, various trials and targeted therapy kept Charlie’s disease stable until December 2019. The NHS had run out of options for him.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 outbreak Charlie has been without effective treatment since February, so his cancer has undoubtedly progressed, and he will be without treatment for the next 3 months unless the family can find the funds required to pay for the drugs which could keep his disease stable enough for the trial to be as effective as possible.

The Walker Construction Trust donated a grant of £1,000 to Charlie’s appeal. Charlie had planned to become a Primary School Teacher, but had to abandon his degree course due to his health. He would have made a great teacher. He never moans, complains, even in his darkest moments. Everybody who knows or meets him, loves him.

To support Charlie you can find his Go Fund Me page here: